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Jan 17, 2018

The NPTE (National Physical Therapy Exam) is upon us and as always, we have an annual chat from one of the leading coaches in the world of NPTE prep. This week we sat down with Dr. Kyle Rice, a physical therapist (who just so happened to score a perfect 800 on the NPTE) and founder of The PT Hustle. The PT Hustle offers one-on-one NPTE prep services for both first time NPTE test takers and people taking it again. 


If you want to learn more about Dr. Kyle Rice or The PT Hustle, check out his website:

Jul 5, 2017

Joining Nick and Will on this episode is their good friend Eric Christensen of Chandler Physical Therapy in Arizona. Eric delivers a great discussion on the importance of breathing and calming the sympathetic nervous system. He is also the author a brand new book called "Breath Better", and we get into some great detail about it's content and release.

In this episode we explore:

  • Why is breathing important, and how it can commonly grow less efficient
  • What are the breathing strategies to be aware of
  • The inspiration for Eric's book, and those that can benefit from it
  • Just how trainable is breathing
  • The relationship between the nervous system, our respiration and pain
  • How to get better outcomes with your daily life with a few easy breathing habits
You can download the first two chapters for FREE at 
The book is also free for the first few days when its released, stay tuned to get your copy in the summer of 2017!
Check out Eric's new book and follow what he's up to at:
Instagram: @Chandler_PT
Facebook: Chandler Physical Therapy
Twitter: chandler_PT


Jul 4, 2017

In this short episode, Will and Nick break down some superlatives for The Knowbodies Podcast, reflect on whats been common amongst all our guests, and dive into our efforts to get better. In the episode we discuss:

  • Funniest guests
  • Best dressed
  • Best beard
  • The behind the scenes glory
  • How to prepare for a podcast discussion
  • What improvements were working on with the game
  • The biggest take aways from the first few weeks on the job


A big thanks to all our wonderful guests. Without them, we would be nobodies instead of knowbodies.

May 25, 2017

Starting a new job? Beginning a new clinical? We sat down with Jerry Durham, PT to pick his brain and seek advice on how to OPTIMIZE the first few weeks during a new PT position. Jerry has been a great mentor to many PT's and like so many of our colleagues, we deeply appreciate his wisdom and willingness to share his experiences form a patient-first perspective to healthcare.

Keys to success from this episode:

  • The mindset for the drive in during the first week
      The physical flow of the clinic
       Show up early
  • What are the managers looking for? How communication and education are perceived 
  • How to handle the "experience" conversation
  • Owning what you don't know
  • How to be accountable and using a log
  • Calming down during evaluations 
  • How to get out of our own head - be the expert you're trained to be
  • How self doubt is different than self reflection 
  • Optimizing reflection and feeling effective 
  • The potential of night journaling

Big shout out to The Institute Of Clinical Excellence, Jeff Moore, And the PT on Ice podcasts 

Follow Jerry on social media platforms @ JerryDurhamPT, tune into his podcast with Andrew Rothschild: Healthcare Disruption, and check out his website:

Interested in improving your PT education? check out to find out how you can learn from elite clinicians and bring your skills to the next level.

May 24, 2017

Sean Light is a Health and Performance Science Specialist with several years experience at the highest levels of professional athletics. Light has spent years within the New York Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks organizations, and currently serves as the assistant S & C coach for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

Focusing on proven sciences of neurology, physiology and several other foundational sciences, Light and 4A HPS have created a revolutionary approach to therapy and human performance training.

Show Notes:

  • Sean's background, and the NBAs biggest missed opportunity 
  • Meeting Brijesh Patel of Quinnipiac Athletics 
  • Intro to Nate Shaw with the D'backs
  • Strength and conditioning and massage school?
  • Segway into the impact of Anatomy trains and PRI
  • What type of mindset does it take to apply to 32 professional sports teams
  • Sean's experience with mentorship 
  • Differentiating between certifications and experience 
  • What the inside of the Lakers weight room looks like (exercises)
  • The accelerated evolution of Sean's strengthening skills
  • Postural Restoration Institute
  • The complexity, and SIMPLICITY, of exercise prescription and progression for the Pro's
  • Special considerations for the elite athletes, and the common goals during the season
  • How important is the actual weight lifted in the room 
  • The funky neuro stuff and making athletes parasympathetic
  • Tailoring the assessment and integrating the subjective history into programming for the pro's
  • Sean's 2017 NBA champion prediction?

We hope you enjoy the episode! Please follow Sean's work (theres TONS of great articles and social media engagement) on Facebook, snapchat, instagram, twitter @ Slight20, and online at his website at

You can visit for incredible education and residency opportunities.

Please visit for more info on how to participate in #SummerOfMOVE

Apr 26, 2017

Lisa Maczura is a tremendous resource of inspiration, education and honest perspective in the healthcare world. It was an honor to share her message and promote her ideas for how to help patients receive better care. Lisa has spoken at multiple Combined Sections Meetings, has advocated for PT services on multiple occasions, and is currently on a mission to help improve PT-pt dialogue. She has previously appeared on a number of other great podcasts below:

Senior Rehab Project

Health Care Disruption Podcast

Show Notes:

  • Lisa's background with PT and her first experience with advocacy
  • The biggest factors impacting patient-provider relationships
  • What is it that PTs, new grads and all, are afraid of?
  • What a chronic patient feels like, and what they expect
  • The importance of being realistic with patients
  • The power of language, especially the things we don't say
  • Keeping a broad perspective of healthcare
  • The perspective of a patient through a medical process
  • What a patient can teach the PT
  • Keep an eye out for the next Jerry/Eric/Lisa podcast, its coming
  • The power of being specific and present for each person

Follow Lisa on twitter @LISAMACNCHEESE to learn more about whats important to follow and engage with as a patient, and to find our more about what Lisa is up to.

Big thank you for all that you do for your patients and our profession Eric Christensen! Thanks to Jerry Durham for also helping this relationship blossom.

Mar 29, 2017

In this episode of The Knowbodies Talking Podcast we are joined by Dave Rapach CEO/Owner of Levity Float Studios in Pittsburgh. “Floating” as it is known is a very mild and relaxing form of Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy (REST). The Knowbodies were invited in to trial the services before we sat down to record this episode and now we are bonafide believers.

 Dave shares with us some of his personal experiences that led he and his wife down the path to opening Levity and pursuing the entrepreneurial life:

 "Years ago, David Rapach and his wife enjoyed their first float session. Little did they know that event would have such a positive impact on them. Always feeling the pull to create something to improve the lives of others, David left a traditional 9 to 5 workplace to chase a wild dream.”

 The Knowbodies probe into the scientific as well as the personal evidence of regular float therapy including the physiological and psychological benefits that are experienced after a single session. Listen along to the exclusive experiences of the Knowbodies as we try to describe the calming after-effects of such a deep relaxation. Be inspired by the stories Dave shares about some of the lives of his customers that have witnessed incredible mental breakthroughs once they embraced the float experience and quieted the constant noise of their busy lives.

For more information on Levity Float Studios, check out or Facebook group: Levity

Mar 10, 2017

In this episode The Knowbodies sit down with Dr. Aaron Swanson to talk about how and where to find reliable information via the internet, books, and personal interview.


Aaron Swanson is an orthopedic physical therapist practicing in Asheville, NC.  He started his movement and rehab career as a student Athletic Trainer for the Lady Vols at the University of Tennessee and then went on to obtain his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York University.  After graduating, he worked at several privately owned orthopedic physical therapy practices in New York City before relocating to Asheville, NC this past fall.  Aaron currently works in an outpatient clinic in Hendersonville, NC and operates a cash-based physical therapy practice, The A&G Project, in Asheville with his wife, Gaelyn Rogers.  


Aaron runs 2 websites:, a website for movement professionals and, a health and movement website for the general public.


In addition to learning how to build a reliable network of resources that you can trust for accurate information and continuing education we also touch on some of these gems:


-The patient is the guru

-Sometimes admitting that you aren’t the best is the ultimate motivation to continue learning and sharing

-Writing is a higher form of thinking. Don’t be afraid to express your ideas and receive criticism.

-Evaluating the “intentions” of evidence and articles found when combing through relevant information.

-The reading habits of an avid learner: always keeping a paper, a textbook, and a lighter read handy.


Find our more about Aaron Swanson below! (website for movement professionals)

The A&G Project (blog for the general public)

Facebook: The A&G Project

Twitter: @ASwansonPT

Instagram: @ASwansonPT


Or stay linked with The Knowbodies live:

Facebook: The Knowbodies Talking Podcast

Twitter: @Twoknowbodies

Instagram: @Twoknowbodies


Have a listen to learn more about the resources that Aaron, and The Knowbodies, use to stay motivated, informed, and curious about the world around them.

Feb 28, 2017

In this episode, The Knowbodies are happy to sit down with a Pittsburgh local organization, Orchardview Stables. We sit down with Tessa Maxwell, Katie Bunn, and Mary Kay Soergel of Orchardview Stables to talk about the incredible services offered by the stables as well as some of the personal stories that brought all of these caring specialists together.


Some of the key points that we cover in today’s episode:


  • The foundation of the Equine Assisted Therapy and Adaptive Riding programs at Orchardview.
  • Some of the personal stories that brought Tessa (a special education needs specialist) and Katie (a Physical Therapist specializing in pediatric care) together to collaborate in equine assisted care.
  • What is Hippotherapy vs. Equine Assisted Therapeutic Riding? What do these services entail and what kind of riders do Tessa and Katie work with on a daily basis.
  • Katie breaks down some of the specific elements of therapeutic horse riding including the mechanics of the horse pelvic motion and its affect on postural response, rhythmic movement and posturing for spastic muscle tone, and the unique emotional bond that stems from a close human-animal relationship throughout the course of a therapy.
  • Some personal stories of incredible relationships forged between some of the riders and the therapy horses.
  • Getting to know the Orchardview Staff (horses too!) and some of their responsibilities around the stable.
  • A CALL TO ACTION! – Orchardview offers their services to a broad range of participants and riders at little to no cost! Their non-profit “Orchardview Stables” helps fund their services and upkeep for the horses so that they can continue to provide excellent care without devastating costs to riders. Orchardview thrives through the volunteer support of the community. They offer simple training to all volunteers (from enthusiasts to students to therapists!) in basic horse care and how to aid the riders during their therapy sessions.
  • The therapeutic riders could HUGELY benefit from an overhead lift system to help assist riders onto horseback. The non-profit has already established applications for grants and if you have any information or connections that may help contribute please reach out to the instructors at Orchardview Stables or ourselves at The Knowbodies and we will make it happen!


For more information please check out the website at to learn more about volunteer opportunities or how you can help contribute to an incredible non-profit run by a family organization that cares and work their butts off for their riders!

Jan 18, 2017

In this episode the Knowbodies host a relaxed and insightful episode with special guest Joe Reinke, CFA. Joe, the creator of, shares some incredibly important tips on how to tackle a budget. As so many young (and more experienced…) professionals learn the value of a dollar and plan for the big and small things in life, the frugal details of what makes financial sense can sometimes get lost or overlooked. We hope all our listeners find financial freedom. Adopting a healthy budgeting mindset can help pave that journey, and that’s exactly what Joe emphasizes in this episode. To learn more about Joe, his tremendously useful and EASY website, and to view the show notes, simply keep on reading below. Enjoy!


Joseph Reinke is the CEO and founder of Fitbux, Inc.  FitBUX is introducing innovative finance products and technology to the student lending industry with a specific focus on physical therapist.  Joe has been in the finance industry for over a decade and is one of the few CFA Charterholders in the world who has experience in both wealth management and business valuation (globally, there are only 120,000 CFA Charterholders).  He has hosted numerous live chats about student loans with SPTs across the country, presented at the California Student Conclave, appeared on podcasts, and written numerous financial blogs.

Check out our initial podcast with Joe Reinke here!

Show Notes

  • Defining a budget and why we care
  • The importance of mindset and behavior change to leverage time and money
  • Quick tip to make a wedding cheaper
  • Budget Formula 1: Income - expense = Discretionary income
  • Budget Formula 2: Assets - debt = net worth. Take discretionary income and increase assists or decrease debt
  • Defining the MODIFIABLE factors: assets; discretionary income; human capital
  • The value of TIME is the MOST important budget component
  • Improving income is limitless, cutting expenses is limited
  • How to find out how much your time is worth
  • Leveraging human capital to optimize time
  • Book shout out to Benjamin Graham “Intelligent Investor”
  • Good habits make good health, a good mindset makes good money


To learn more about Joe and how Fitbux can help you, please visit the following sources:

            Online @ and

            Facebook @ fitbuxofficial

            Twitter @ fitbuxofficial and @ fitptofficial

Dec 14, 2016

Show Notes:


Joseph Reinke is the CEO and founder of Fitbux, Inc.  FitBUX is introducing innovative finance products and technology to the student lending industry with a specific focus on physical therapist.  Joe has been in the finance industry for over a decade and is one of the few CFA Charterholders in the world who has experience in both wealth management and business valuation (globally, there are only 120,000 CFA Charterholders).  He has hosted numerous live chats about student loans with SPTs across the country, presented at the California Student Conclave, appeared on podcasts, and written numerous financial blogs.


In this episode Joe and the Knowbodies discuss:

  • The development and back story of Fitbux and why Joe ventured into helping PT students
  • What makes the PT so unique when dealing with student loans?
  • What is “human capital” and why is it so important when determining the best repayment strategies
  • What technology is being used to develop the best service for students planning for their future
  • What are the important numbers and loan information you will need to get your strategy progress in motion
  • A special case study with real numbers in a true scenario for a recent PT grad
  • The step by step process of reaching a decision based on what is important to your specific needs
  • How to target which loans to repay first
  • Establishing federal versus private repayment plans
  • Income driven repayment versus extended loans
  • When to switch from one repayment option to another or how to refinance your current strategy, especially during life events such as weddings, children, moving etc.
  • What impact will student loan repayment have on starting a business
  • Is there an ideal method to plan for retirement or savings when facing significant student loan debt
  • How to be less stressed and in more control of your debt by implementing a Fitbux strategy


The content Joe shares is truly information that the knowbodies support and hope to share with all that could benefit from it. Student debt is not a crippling monster, it is something that takes strategy and planning and with the right advice and guidance it can be managed. To learn more about Joe and how Fitbux can help you, please visit the following sources:

            Online @ and

            Facebook @ fitbuxofficial

            Twitter @ fitbuxofficial and @ fitptofficial

Sep 26, 2016

In this week's episode, we had the fortune of speaking with Dr. Lisa Holland, PT, DPT. Lisa was so kind to take time out of her busy schedule as a physical therapist and as the "Belly Guru" to share her story with us.

A little bit about who Lisa is:

Dr. Lisa Holland is a Doctor of Physical Therapy that utilizes an integrated approach to her work.  With over 22 years of experience within the fields of physical rehabilitation, fitness and sports medicine, she has focused the last decade on mind body healing of pain and the strategic use of classical yoga, lifestyle support and health coaching.  For the past 11 years, her company Belly Guru LLC has offered a variety of cash based, primary care women's health services in a flexible private practice model that now includes professional mentoring and an online training center.   Lisa embodies the opportunity physical therapists have to expand the profession into regularly helping people overcome the biopsychosocial disability brought on by detrimental stress, unhealthy behaviors and persistent pain. 

Be sure to follow Dr. Lisa Holland on Facebook: @DrLisaHollandPT and on Twitter: @Yogadocnc

In this episode we hit on these topics:

  • How Lisa became known as the "Belly Guru"
  • Her transition from Athletic Training to Physical Therapy
  • What yoga means to Lisa and her life and how it translates to healthcare
  • Why Lisa "might not be the PT for you" and why she's perfectly fine with that
  • How self-awareness has made Lisa stand out and has sparked her business career
  • Advice for future and fresh out of school Physical Therapists (and healthcare students in general)