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Know. Your. Body. We are two physical therapists passionate about creating a more informed and healthier society through speaking with leading minds in the worlds of health, fitness, and self-development. The goal is to tackle any and all subjects relating to the most dynamic organism on the planet: the human body.
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Mar 29, 2017

In this episode of The Knowbodies Talking Podcast we are joined by Dave Rapach CEO/Owner of Levity Float Studios in Pittsburgh. “Floating” as it is known is a very mild and relaxing form of Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy (REST). The Knowbodies were invited in to trial the services before we sat down to record this episode and now we are bonafide believers.

 Dave shares with us some of his personal experiences that led he and his wife down the path to opening Levity and pursuing the entrepreneurial life:

 "Years ago, David Rapach and his wife enjoyed their first float session. Little did they know that event would have such a positive impact on them. Always feeling the pull to create something to improve the lives of others, David left a traditional 9 to 5 workplace to chase a wild dream.”

 The Knowbodies probe into the scientific as well as the personal evidence of regular float therapy including the physiological and psychological benefits that are experienced after a single session. Listen along to the exclusive experiences of the Knowbodies as we try to describe the calming after-effects of such a deep relaxation. Be inspired by the stories Dave shares about some of the lives of his customers that have witnessed incredible mental breakthroughs once they embraced the float experience and quieted the constant noise of their busy lives.

For more information on Levity Float Studios, check out or Facebook group: Levity

Mar 27, 2017

In this week’s #PTedition of The Knowbodies Podcast we sit down with the Godfather, Jerry Durham, PT to talk about the current state of Physical Therapy and the direction this wonderful profession is going in.

In this episode:

  • Jerry shares his thoughts on his recent course with Jeff Moore and Paul Gough in Las Vegas
  • Jerry sheds light on what makes Jeff Moore so special as a PT
  • The difference between evidence-based medicine and evidence-based practice
  • Jerry explains why the patient experience is so critical to providing excellent patient care
  • Jerry shares his experience with Justin Dunaway of STAND Haiti and why Justin is such an awesome guy
  • Jerry breaks down where he sees the current state of the profession of physical therapy
  • The importance of approaching federal and state advocacy differently than we previously have
  • Jerry explains why our patients are and always will be our biggest advocates
  • Jerry’s thoughts on #GetPT1st and why our intraprofessional arguing isn’t helping our patients
  • Retweets > Likes
  • Why Jerry read a math book? Check out Social Physics
  • The power of storytelling and why we aren’t doing a good enough job of telling our patients’ stories
  • Jerry shares why our communication and how we communicate with other healthcare professionals is of paramount importance
  • The power of language
  • What do Jerry and Jeff drink when they meet at airports?
  • What are Jerry’s favorite airport bars?


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Mar 22, 2017

Dr Mitch Babcock is a Physical Therapist and CrossFit Level I Trainer with a primary purpose of helping others pursue a greater state of health through fitness. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in exercise science, Mitch went on to receive his Doctorate in physical therapy to better understand the human movement system and help others recover from the injuries & limitations hindering their performance. With personal training experience in CrossFit, as a NPC physique competitor & in endurance events, Mitch continues to test his physical potential daily in order to better help you reach yours. 

Show Notes:

  • The "bobcat"
  • Mitch’s background of fitness in healthcare
  • The influence of Kelly Starrett
  • Crossfit
  • The blueprint to Mitch’s path
  • Finding a circle of support
  • Clicking with CI and mentor Zach Long
  • Masterminds Jeff Moore and Gene Shirokobrod
  • Certification and professional hierarchy
  • Balancing professional roles within a busy schedule
  • Making PT routine as a group player
  • Sampling the redline mentality
  • Sweating with your people
  • The importance of Walking YOUR walk, whatever it may be
  • Stop running from Self reflection
  • Jeff Moore's rocking chair fear
  • How to check your ego
  • Advice for exercise science majors
  • What's Crossfit is doing right and how it will progress
  • A message of how to partner health and fitness
  • Finding personal fitness success

Find out more about Mitch, the great work he's doing and all the fitness knowledge you can handle here:

Facebook: "Mitch Babcock"

Twitter/instagram: "unchained physio"

Mar 15, 2017

Dr. Perry Nickelston is a Chiropractic Sports Physician with primary focus on Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise, Metabolic Fitness Nutrition and trained from The American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. He is an expert in myofascial, orthopedic, medical and trigger point soft tissue therapy.

A member of the Board of Directors and Medical Staff Advisor for AIMLA (American Institute for Medical Laser Application, Dr. Perry teaches healthcare professionals all over the world how to successfully use Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in alleviating pain. Dr. Perry is an expert in movement assessment and diagnosis. Certified and trained from as a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment Specialist (SFMA).

He uses programs designed to find your cause of painful dysfunction and correct it so you feel better. He is regular columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic Journal and writes for industry trade publications in health and fitness. He is a 1997 graduate from Palmer Chiropractic University and a master fitness trainer with over 20 years experience in the health industry. Dr. Perry is currently publishing books with strategies on the importance of recovery and regeneration in fitness.


  • Movement is KEY!
  • Are we thinking ourselves sick, strong, and weak
  • Using movement to modulate pain
  • Defining Stop Chasing Pain – The story behind the name
  • The three things that effect our ability to move: the individual, the task, the environment
  • Using the ENVIRONMENT to break up the pain loop
  • Going down the CSP (crazy shit path) to get people better
  • Work from the ground up and becoming a specialized mover
  • Breaking out the old brain maps of movement from our toddler years
  • Crossing industry lines between PT’s, fitness professionals and Chiropractors
  • The critter brain and the 3 F’s
  • Learning and teaching as a collaboration
  • Don’t be afraid to look stupid

Visit to find the stop chasing pain podcast, content on various medical and fitness topics, videos, articles and much more


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Mar 10, 2017

In this episode The Knowbodies sit down with Dr. Aaron Swanson to talk about how and where to find reliable information via the internet, books, and personal interview.


Aaron Swanson is an orthopedic physical therapist practicing in Asheville, NC.  He started his movement and rehab career as a student Athletic Trainer for the Lady Vols at the University of Tennessee and then went on to obtain his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York University.  After graduating, he worked at several privately owned orthopedic physical therapy practices in New York City before relocating to Asheville, NC this past fall.  Aaron currently works in an outpatient clinic in Hendersonville, NC and operates a cash-based physical therapy practice, The A&G Project, in Asheville with his wife, Gaelyn Rogers.  


Aaron runs 2 websites:, a website for movement professionals and, a health and movement website for the general public.


In addition to learning how to build a reliable network of resources that you can trust for accurate information and continuing education we also touch on some of these gems:


-The patient is the guru

-Sometimes admitting that you aren’t the best is the ultimate motivation to continue learning and sharing

-Writing is a higher form of thinking. Don’t be afraid to express your ideas and receive criticism.

-Evaluating the “intentions” of evidence and articles found when combing through relevant information.

-The reading habits of an avid learner: always keeping a paper, a textbook, and a lighter read handy.


Find our more about Aaron Swanson below! (website for movement professionals)

The A&G Project (blog for the general public)

Facebook: The A&G Project

Twitter: @ASwansonPT

Instagram: @ASwansonPT


Or stay linked with The Knowbodies live:

Facebook: The Knowbodies Talking Podcast

Twitter: @Twoknowbodies

Instagram: @Twoknowbodies


Have a listen to learn more about the resources that Aaron, and The Knowbodies, use to stay motivated, informed, and curious about the world around them.

Mar 8, 2017

This week, we sat down with the wonderful staff of De La Torre Orthotics and Prosthetics to discuss the relationship between the patient who has recently undergone an amputation and their prosthetist. De La Torre O&P is a family-run company based in Pittsburgh, PA and is currently led by owner Ed De La Torre. In this episode, Ed shares the story behind the founding of De La Torre O&P, and we interview Drew Buffat, a prosthetist with De La Torre O&P and Brian Moser, current social media organizer for De La Torre and below-the-knee amputee. Brian and Drew speak openly about the times of joy, difficulty, and uncertainty that they have faced as a team working together over the past several years.

In this episode we touch on:

  • The history behind the founding of De La Torre O&P
  • How Drew became a part of the De La Torre O&P team and how Brian found De La Torre O&P
  • Brian's story of undergoing an amputation and the transition into navigating the world with a prosthetic leg
  • Brian's physical and emotional journey from amputation to walking again
  • Drew and Brian's relationship and the ins and outs of what both the prosthetist and amputee go through during sock fittings, adjustments, and functional movement assessments
  • De La Torre's vision for the future and the future of prosthetics

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